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I've been lusting after Hope & Greenwood's chocolate after reading about it in Vogue UK last year. I sent an email immediately to Hunky but alas, he could not find it even after I gave him the list of distributors! Finally, about a month ago, Hunky sent me a surprise package with all the flavours available! Treacle Tart, Rhubarb & Ginger Crumble and Jam Roly Poly. This is seriously good chocolate. I've never made chocolate last so long before! Especially now that I am on a diet.

Yes, this greedy rabbit needs to look good for a wedding. It hasn't been too bad but then again, its only been 3 days! So I don't think there will be many things to blog about. Unless I start comparing muesli and protein bars. Yucks.


  1. Oie sounds like you need help...I'm in need for some TLC and you have some right there in the form of Treacle Tart chocolate. Be over on Fri ya?

  2. hello. i'm giving your blog. free advertising. all my friends who are on a diet or two.. should flirt around this blog. to see if they can resist temptation. kudos to you.


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