Finally got to revisit Vansh last Friday with some friends. The tagline reads, Suprisingly Indian. We're not sure why because the dishes seemed mostly traditionally Indian. There were a couple of dishes which didn't seem like they belong I guess, like the kulzza (a naan that thinks its a pizza). I had the lady lassi because I'm a lady! Its just a strawberry lassi lah. Nice, just the right amount of sweetness and consistency. We ordered a dish each and although they were all very good, the clear winner was definitely the lamb cooked with spinach. The lamb added so much more intensity to the dish. The meat was tender and full of flavour. The palak paneer just paled in comparison. The tiger prawns were not very good at all. They were not fresh and just tasted bland. The green mango paste was interesting! I found it a little strange but everyone else enjoyed it. For dessert we had strawberry kulfi and gulab jamun, rice dumplings with cardamom syrup served in a martini glass. It was tooth-achingly sweet but so delicious. I also liked the honey and sundried tomato kulzza although the nuts did creep me out a bit. Yes, they all had a good laugh as I turned the bread upside down so I didn't have to look at it. Can't help it. Its from grooming tick-infested dogs when I was a kid. Can't stand to look at things that remind me of them now. Shudder!


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