Meat Cravings at Prime

1kg prime rib - meltingly tender
So I went to the gyne on Tuesday and guess what? I've put on 3.5kgs since my last visit which was only 2 weeks ago. And the best part is, the baby has only gained 300 grams. Wonderful! The other 3.2kg would be me then! My gyne looks at the screen and says "Hmm, your baby could do with some weight gain. Eat more meat and less chocolate and ice cream". Gasp! How did she know?! I just haven't felt like eating much meat. I've been craving mainly carbs. Anyway, I went and bought more Anmum, Enfamama and Mamamil after that guilt trip my gyne gave me. And its started already hasn't it? The pressure to be a good mum. Blaaaah! Anyway good thing Mikael and I were heading to Prime at Le Meridien for dinner that evening. Its been awhile since I last visited and the great thing about Prime is that they always have new beef on their menu. To start we ordered the lobster bisque (RM45++) and prawn and lobster cocktail (RM65++. I've been having cravings all week!). For mains, we ordered the 1kg prime rib (RM480++) that comes with your choice of vegetables, steak-cut fries and sauces to share between the four of us. It says for 2 people but really, its a mountain of beef! Hunky's lobster bisque came with a puff pastry hat. I wasn't keen on the pastry but the bisque itself was quite lovely! It was full of flavour without being cloyingly rich. My prawn cocktail salad was kind of dismal. Serving it flat on a plate probably didn't help. A thin fan of prawns and avocado slices with two very tiny slices of lobster hidden beneath some leaves. Sad. The prime rib was superb! The meat was nicely charred and oh so tender! Meat cravings fulfilled! I was very disappointed to see that they had removed pecan mud pie from their dessert menu. It was the best dessert there! Instead we had to settle for crepe suzette and hot chocolate cake with stracciatella ice cream and warm chocolate sauce. They were okay to end the evening with but mud pie would've really hit the spot! Yum...

prawn and lobster cocktail - spot the lobster
deliciously creamy and smooth lobster bisque
For more information, visit Le Meridien


  1. Lol. Spot the lobster indeed.
    (... And don't worry about the weight gain! Apparently it drops right off if u breast feed. Or so I hear anyway)

  2. No more pecan mud pie!! How can?? I protest as that's the best ever.

    Yeah, don't worry abt the weight gain, am sure u'll be svelte soon from running around when the baby is born.

  3. Thats what everyone keeps telling me. If it doesn't happen, Hunky is going to feel my wrath! I don't know how its his fault but it just is LOL!

    Boo, ya lets start a FB protest! Bring back the pecan mud pie!!! :-)

  4. Eat first think later .. LOL!

  5. Heavenly! Have to try this!!Thanks for the recipe.


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