Happy Birthday Hunky

Tim's Nuts by FBB - deliciously moreish!
Not to blow my own horn or anything but if there ever was a "Best Wife" contest, I think I would definitely have a good chance of winning the title. At least thats what I keep telling Hunky. Think of it as brainwashing. Say it often enough and he will start believing it! With only 4 weeks left to baby arriving, I figured I'd do something special for him before our social lives become officially OVER. And my god, when did I lose my glow and sport some bloat instead? I suddenly put on another 2kgs and noticed my ankles have started to swell. Oh dear... I really hope what they say about breastfeeding is true. I need to lose the kgs quick! Anyway, back to Hunky. I organised a indoor golf party for him at City Golf in BSC last night. He had no clue but getting him to go to City Golf was challenging. He kept asking me why I wanted to go have a look. Anyway, he was surprised and very happy. We played 9 holes on St. Andrews course. Even the simulator was difficult so I can only imagine what it must be like playing for real. I blame my bump being in the way. We had delicious cake by FBB. Thank you FBB for making it on such short notice, love you! It disappeared very quickly but thankfully asians being asians, everyone stopped and left us just under a quarter of cake. Phew! What would we eat for breakfast otherwise?

Today is his actual birthday and I decided I would make beef wellington. I only decided this morning and who bloody knew it takes quite a bit of fiddling! I only started at 5pm. Bloody mushrooms took forever to reduce. And then at 6:30pm I read the instructions on the store bought puff pastry that it only takes 20 minutes to cook. WTF. The beef would be too bloody rare! So frantically wrapped the beef in foil and bunged it in the oven for 30 minutes. Let it "cool" for 10 minutes before slapping on the mustard and chicken liver pate. Wrapped it up faster than an origami master and after a quick brush of egg wash, off it went into the oven for 20 minutes. Phew. Just nice! I was pretty happy with the results. The bottom did get soggy as expected but everything else turned out pretty nicely. I don't think I will bother with the chicken liver next time. It was overpowering the duxelle which was a shame because it was really lovely and aromatic. Served it with some blanched beans tossed in bit of butter, roasted potatoes and carrots baked in foil with wine. So much for for 2.5 people. Guess we will be having roast beef sandwiches for the next few days!

Happy birthday my dearest Hunky! Am I the best wife or what?!!


  1. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Yes, Way Cheng is the Best Wife ever. Of that there can of course be no doubt.

  2. Is Anonymous Hunky? Of course, she's the best wife ever!!

    So sweet of you to go to so much trouble - well done as Beef Wellington is not for the fainthearted. Happy Birthday Hunky!!

  3. Happy birthday, Hunky!... And congratulations on being lucky enough to be with the Best Wife In The World. :)
    (Wah. WC, that beef wellington looks really goooooood!)

  4. Seeee, brain washing works! x

    Thanks Boo, I didn't realise until I started making it. :-)

    Pssst J, keep telling him that when you see him k? heh heh

  5. I will! :)
    It is the truth, after all... :) :)

  6. Happy birthday, hunky! You'll never go hungry with paps as a wife, you lucky man! *envious*

    great looking beef, paps! :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Hunky! And definitely Bee for the best wifey award and soon to be best mommie - swollen ankles, bloated-ness and all :)

    The tip for overcoming soggy wellington bottoms is apparently wrapping the beef, mushrooms and pâté in a (herbed?)crêpe before wrapping it in pastry. I must have got that off Michel Roux Jr on Masterchef.


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