Goodbye Vino

One of the few photos we have together. None of which shows him looking at the camera. He was the most difficult dog to photograph as he never stood still! This was taken on my birthday 2001 and I wanted a picture with him because we were in matching colours. Thats Bubur lurking in the background. I am asking him to stay - this was as good as it got! Ahhh Vino!

He came to us barely the size of the length of my hand. Erlinda, our maid then, had brought him back from the street. For awhile we just called him Puppy which oddly enough he still answered to up until recently. We already had a golden retriever called Whisky so the natural conclusion was to call him Vino. From very early on, it was obvious to us that he considered us his pack. When he was nearly the size of my sister's shoe he would growl at strangers feet. I don't think he was big enough to see beyond their ankles then. He was such a cutie and quickly won us over. He was not a dog that could be tamed. It was in his nature to wander off whenever the gate was opened and the more you called him, the quicker he ran. I think Vino was the only dog that we've had that actually strutted. It was just so part of his personality. Kind of cocky, neighbourhood bad boy attitude. Bit like Danny Zucko from Grease. They wore the same colour and Vino sure did have attitude. Although I'm sure his "street cred" was probably quite low given he would come home to us. His modus operandi when you first meet him goes like this. He avoids your gaze and he walks away. Just when you think he is ignoring you, he sneaks up from behind and nips your ankles. Yes, he was an ankle-nipper. Not to hurt anyone but more to show "Hey, I own you dude". He will only do this once. He seems to know who he has nipped and when fresh ankles turn up. How can I not be sad to lose a dear companion like Vino?

There are so many naughty things he did in his lifetime. I'm sure he knocked up quite a few bitches in the hood. There was one time he disappeared for days! And I finally found him holed up with his pregnant girlfriend. He was filthy and skinny, I had to drag him back to the house and give him a good scrub. And then he did a strange thing. I had locked him in the house so he couldn't leave and we were both in the tv room. He was lying in the middle of the room when he just gave a really sad and longing howl. Love sick! And then there was the time when he tried to murder his arch nemesis Bubur (RIP) in Magic River. I have witnesses who will attest to this. He really tried to drown Bubur by pressing him down in the water until Bubur was swept away by the current. Fortunately Bubur was fine and I saw Vino in a different light. What a cunning and diabolical son a bitch, literally! I could go on and on about all things mischievous about Vino but at the end of the day, he really was a good dog. He was always there to comfort us in our drunken stupor. He protected us from harm. He always came back because we were his family. We couldn't have asked for a better friend for the past 14 years. Rest in peace old friend, may you get your groove back in heaven.


  1. Sorry for your loss - It's always sad to lose a dear friend...

  2. We will all miss him dearly...including those who's ankles he nipped :) He was a loving dog, despite his fierce exterior and funnily enough never had a go at children. He's in Binbin heaven now...bitchas, bling and bones. RIP Vino Lucky Star.

  3. so so sorry to hear.. oh but i luv this dog tt i have not met! esp the part where u wrote :
    ..then there was the time when he tried to murder his arch nemesis Bubur (RIP) in Magic River !

    omg! they could make a movie.. and vino's voice would be al pacino's ! LOL. very cool dog. sad he's gone but what lovely heartwarming memories..

  4. sorry to hear of Vino's passing. May he RIP in doggie Heaven... ermmm not sure he would be up there since he tried to murder Bubur :p

  5. RIP Vino! Am sure he's running around in doggie heaven.

  6. Thanks everybody! Yea, I'm sure he and Bubur are having a great time annoying each other in heaven! I miss him but am glad he has gone to a better place.

  7. Aww...*hughug*...yeah, am sure Vino and Bubur now enjoying in Doggie Heaven. Hope you are feeling better too.


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