Gong Hey Fatt Choy!

Its the year of the Tiger! Will it be more purr and less grr? The year always start off with promises to the friend of the tiger and caution to his foes. I run with tigers. I'm the only prey among them except for the one ox in our small circle of friends. Does that make me a ferocious rabbit? Or am I the tiger's lucky rabbit charm? What I am is a non-believer of anything that dictates my destiny and limits my vision. I've broken enough mirrors to be cursed with bad luck for eternity. You can give me shoes on my birthday (bad luck vs Louboutins? No contest!), you can wear black to my wedding (the bad luck here is the lack of imagination on your part honey), I live in unit no. FOUR! 4 people! 4! Hey guess what? I'm loving my place and perfectly at peace and harmony with it.

I'm not saying that you need to push your luck. Hey if you are already on a losing streak, doubling your bets is not going to help. Walk away, sober up and live to gamble another day! Speaking of gambling, I haven't done very much of it so far. Think I have to round up the girls for a round of mah jong this weekend. Wishing everyone a grrrific new year! Peace and prosperity to us all!


  1. haha...
    What a brave and ferocious rabbit! ;)

    Well, hope you've had a roaring good time for CNY so far, and that the rest of the year will bring lots of happiness, wealth, good health and yummy food! :) :)

  2. Well said!! I live in unit 4 too hahaha...

    Kung hei fatt choy!

  3. paps! Happy new year. Least you've got your red iphone case to get you all "ang ang" for the new year!

  4. Wishing you and hunky buckets and buckets of rice this cny! ;) oh, make that arborio lah, since y'all make risotto one....lol. Hope u had a great cny.

  5. HUAT AH! happy CNY To you too!!


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