Splash of Colour

I think I'm suffering from post-race depression...

Its barely been 5 days since I ran my first mini marathon. It feels odd, like a faded memory that you're not sure is really yours or that you've heard it repeated enough to convince yourself that you experienced it first hand. I see pictures of myself but my brain doesn't compute. Has it only been 5 days? I think I'm going to have to consider Ciki's idea about running the 11km Adidas King Of The Road race on 2nd August! My knee is finally feeling better so I'm going to try and run this Sunday.

Meanwhile, to cheer myself up I've been eating colourful food to make me feel happy and virtuous. Bought some ciabatta from Artisanas and placed whole heads of garlic and bell peppers in the oven. Grilled some aubergine slices on the non-stick griddle pan. Twenty minutes later, aromatic and caramelised goodness ready to be layered on my barely toasted ciabatta. I did want to add some cheese but the block I had in the fridge smelt very suspicious. The sandwich would not be complete without some green pesto and fresh organic tomatoes. What a deeply satisfying vegetarian sandwich! I love the sweet smokey taste of the roasted garlic spread and salty sharp pesto against the sweet peppers. Mmmm, I could eat this everyday!


  1. Congrats again on the completion of you 10k. Ooooh, excellent, I see you're getting hooked as well ;) Do be prepared for the Adidas King Of The Road...this one's at Shah Alam and the route is known to be hilly. And bring your own water, last year the organizers ran out of water as well. All the best, I'm opting out of that one coz I don't wanna kill my ankle with the hills ;)

    The peppers look amazing!!

  2. Probably because you have been so looking forward to the run, once it's over, there is nothing to look forward to anymore? It happens to me during my wedding time too....the next day when everything is over...i was in a daze, couldn't believe one-year preparation now gone.

  3. Hilly? Out of water? Oh Yin, you make the race sound so attractive! hahaha... Thanks for the tips, will see how the knee fairs on Sunday. I'm thinking of going to SC marathon Singapore too! Hunky says its so much more pleasant running there.

    Waaaah. First marathon depression and now I'm going to suffer post wedding depression! G-R-E-A-T! I'm going to have a melt down by end of the year! hahaha. Nolah, not that excited about wedding. Looking forward to long honeymoon! :-)

  4. Well, the Adidas King Of the Road vest is really nice :) Orange and all :)

    Singapore SC Marathon - here we come!! Yeah, every runner who has participated in it speaks highly of that race. And apparently the route is really nice and flat. Well-organized too. My dad went for the full there way back in 2005! Let's continue his legacy together gether :)

  5. ooo.. baby i know just the thang to chase ur blues away!! Ayurvedic massage! ... erm, then, the next race! hehe

  6. Love the colours in the sandwich. Sounds like an excellent idea, eat bright cheery colours to cheer yrself up. Hope you get well soon, as everyone seems to have the sniffles now.


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