It’s not easy being in the restaurant business. It is one industry where everyone is an expert. Everyone eats. We know what we like and we like what we know. There are many who aren’t too fussy and then there are those who love to complain. The higher the price tag, the higher the expectations. Fair enough but one shouldn't be too unreasonable. So when I pay RM9.80 for an egg sandwich, not even an organic one, I think I have a right to expect certain standards right?

Delish opened two weeks ago. Taking over Delicious’ old lot in Village Grocers, it is a casual, canteen type of place that seems to be a down market version of Delicious. They’ve spent a lot of money on packaging (you can purchase Delish nuts and water) and furniture (rather extravagant Artemide lamps). The cake counter looks colourful and lovely as its predecessor. The cupcakes have tripled in size and price I think at RM6.80 each. We tried plain vanilla and a double chocolate ganache. The texture is much better than before but I am not blown away by the taste. They come no where close to the ones at ex-Vanilla Box nor Bijou. While Sis quite enjoyed the fairy cake texture and butter cream-topped vanilla cupcake, we both found the chocolate cupcake to be lacking in chocolate. It looks chocolatey enough from the rich dark colour but it barely tastes of chocolate.

We also tried a bowl of coarsely chopped grilled vegetable salad. I know salads are meant to be chilled but this was far too cold, and tasteless. The egg sandwich put the nail in the coffin to this deathly lunch. I love a good egg sandwich. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with mayonnaise and butter! The one here came packaged in a neat little triangular box; two triangles of egg and alfalfa sprouts filled bread. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t tasty, it was just blah. For exactly the same price, I'd really rather go and have Ipoh kway teow and ice cham at Old Town. Or O'Brien's for the wrap sandwiches (same price egg mayo + filling of 3 vege of your choice). Who knows, maybe I'll give it another try 6 months down the road.


  1. Aha! First to comment! What a shame when the food actually looks good...is it owned by the same ppl?

  2. I was slightly turned off with their display of pick what u want from our pre-prepared section - very uninspiring and urgh! It took me a while to decide with an ominous feeling in my tummy it would be all bad bad bad.

    BUT I must admit, Splashie Boy's Roast Beef Wrap and my Smoked Salmon Ciabatta was good stuff. His was packed with roast beef slices and mine was filled with smoked salmon slices. Kinda pricey gourmet deli food at RM15 each though but I rather have this compared to the rip me off Carl's JR for RM24 even though that comes with not too crunchy fries and free flow drinks.

  3. They're going to open another outlet in Mid Valley soon. Opposite Starbucks, if I'm not mistaken.

  4. Looks like no hurry to try out Delish...

  5. delish is about to open where secret recipe used to be..was it deja vu or i remember seeing delicious there just before??..

    about egg sandwiches..try using it with japanese mayo..tastes fab!..

  6. arh..lovely cupcakes..sad tht it doesnt tast as good as it look..

  7. Yea same owner. Looks are deceiving!

    Ah, maybe its just the egg sarnie and cupcakes that suck then? hahaha. RM15 is like Lemon Garden 2 Go prices right? Oh well, next time will try the meat wraps instead.

    Jason & Joe, yea I've heard that they are opening, no idea which part. Am sure they will do very well over there. Btw, I LOVE JAPANESE MAYO!

    WMW, maybe we go together in a few months time?

    KBCG: well, these are just my opinions. And like I said, its just certain expectations when paying that kind of price. If you do give it a try, let me know what you think. ;-)

  8. good, finally a place to buy sandwiches, i thought, but now, its blah. bah humbug!!!!
    why dont someone start their own pret a mange chain kinda thing? oh, that's right, malaysians dont eat sandwiches hor. darn. aiya, make yourself. 9.80 for egg and mayo sandwich. wow, that's a preeeeet-ty neat profit. maybe it was the alfalfa that neutralised the other tastes? i like alfalfa. it reminds me that we should have 4 stomachs.

  9. hahahahaha. Aiyo, your comment really made me laugh. So do you really like alfalfa or were you being sarcastic?! Cannot tell with you! You go try lah. Maybe they just forgot to add salt, pepper and mayo that day!!!


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