cookie do-ugh & don'ts

left - wheat flour; right - rice flour
Baking chocolate chip cookies is not exactly rocket science. If Danone and Famous Amos can do it, you can too. However, today I tasted the foulest chocolate chip cookie ever! And I hope I never taste anything as bad as that again! I swear it tasted rancid. Two other people tasted it and we agreed that there was something very "off" about the cookie. I actually took another bite because I wanted to figure out what it was that tasted so vile! I wonder if it was the oil which had separated from the chocolate because it had that slightly waxy hydrogenated taste. The only other explanation would be that the butter was rancid when they used it. Shudder...
Anyway, I was so appalled by the experience, the moment I got home I baked two batches of cookies. One with rice flour and the other using wheat. Check out the difference in texture! They were both delicious and the funny thing was that my family were convinced the rice one was healthier. Delusional! They are equally as bad! But oh so deliciously baaad! Mmmm...


  1. suyenangel6:23 am

    my mum's secret ingredient to the choc chip cookies i liked when i was little is rice flour - adds a very decisive crunch. how does one make those neither flat nor chewy but oh-s0-soft ones though????

  2. the recipe that I use makes crumbly shortbread-like cookies. They are rather large and thick so I'm guessing if I made them smaller and flatter they may turn out crunchier?? I'll try it out and let you know!


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