Birthday Buffet

It was my birthday last Friday. I would've posted this earlier but blogger was acting up as usual. Mum was good old mum as usual and whipped up her delicious chicken rice, enough for 30 people (of course, eventhough I told her I was only expecting about 15 people). There were siew yoke, non-spicy vegetarian noodles, spicy vegetarian noodles, tapioca pudding and birthday cake made by sis at about 5pm! I also made white sangria which disappeared rather quickly. It was a wonderful birthday with some of my dearest friends. It was nice that everyone arrived at different times so I was able to spend some time talking to everyone. Best of all, no one really needed any entertaining so I could just sit back and enjoy the good food, beautiful night and the wonderful company.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like a great party with lots of yummy food.

  2. Thank you boo_licious! I had fried noodles and cupcakes for breakfast and lunch the following day! Healthyyyy!

  3. Truly a delicious birthday buffet! Recently attended my friend’s birthday at one of NYC venues. All food preparations there were truly great and loved everything being served there. Really one of best parties I have ever been to!


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