If you didn't find me in Bangsar the past few weeks, you would've found me at my new playground Pavilion. Its not that I particularly enjoy hanging out in shopping malls but those darn Christmas carols and sparkly decorations make me want to buy, buy, buy! Tis the season to be spending, tralalala... When I wasn't buying presents, I would eat at a different restaurant each time. Last week some friends and I dined at Dragon-I before watching I Am Legend at the rather swanky looking GSC. The menu remains the same but I did manage to try a dish that I have never tried before which was the deep fried chicken cubes with dried chilli. I love the presentation and the colours seem to come alive. The fumes packed a punch too as we wriggled our nose as a result of the pungent chillies. I liked the dish. It was like popcorn chicken bits- very tasty and highly addictive. I ordered my usual wanton soup which arrived lukewarm. I would've preferred it piping hot as the air conditioning in Pavilion makes London seem warm. The siew long pau is still the same. Big and juicy but I think I've gotten over the whole dumpling thing. I also liked the stir-fried kai lan. I liked that it still had some bite to it and not dripping with oil. (Notice I'm still in full Christmas spirit with the red chillies and green veg)

The highlight of the evening was the egg tarts at John King. I thought I had these famous tarts from Hong Kong but evidently I was mistaken. The ones I tried was from Wellington Street and believe me when I tell you that they were not worth the walk. These ones at John King cost RM1.20 per tart. Fortunately one is really all you need as the flaky crust and smooth egg filling is richly satisfying. I also like the faint peanut taste in the crust and the mildly sweet filling. Gawd, I am sounding more and more auntie-like these days. Can't seem to stomach sugary sweet things anymore. Hey Ma, look at me! I'm all grown up! As for the movie, I thought the first half of the movie was great. It was eerie and depressing but then it went all Hollywood and down the drain. Shame really. 

Dragon-I and John King can be found around Food Republic in Pavilion.


  1. Love the blog title! Hehe...

    Dragon-i's pretty consistent with its food, but nice to see something new on the menu. I love anything spicy and throw some (or a lot) of dried chillies to the mix and you have one happy Kenny here... ;)

  2. Hehehe..buy buy buy! I like it too but when my credit card bills come, it's cry cry cry cos it's yelling at me to pay pay pay. Sigh!

    Can you believe it or not..i still have not been to Pavilion!!!!

  3. The egg tart looked really good.. :) could use some right about now.. ;)

  4. i thought the egg tarts were more like 2rm..but oh well..it was good..haha

  5. hahahaha LOL ROTF ... is dragon, i am legend a new movie?

  6. I love Pavilion too, great place to shop and dine! Looks like now I know why we keep bumping into each other there.


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