Porky Pizzas at 101 Express

Thin crust pizza with REAL salami!
With shopping malls sprouting faster than fungus in this country, the older malls fade away into the dusty background of our minds. Gone were the heydays of Ampang Park, Yow Chuan Plaza and Lot 10. Nobody wants to wander in their dark and gloomy corridors anymore. Well, Lot 10 has had a revamp but theres still something quite gloomy about the place. One dusty old shopping mall is still buzzing with youthful energy and thats my favourite, Sungei Wang Plaza. This place is great! You can buy almost anything here! Its been a while since I've been and I'm happy to see that its still crazy busy on a weekday. However, I am very sad that HK Noodle House is no longer there. Replaced by Snow freaking Flake?! Com'onnnn! Anyway I digress. So I hear about this pizza place with porky toppings and I think, "Finally!". After all, 90% of the people in there are Chinese! How come its taken this long eh? Oh well, better late than never.

101 Express is a small kiosk located just inside the Sungei Wang entrance of the skybridge that links Lot 10 and Sg Wang together. Its a takeaway place with several bar stools for dining at the counter. Its not a big menu but I always believe in quality over quantity anyway. We tried the salami pizza, siew yoke & capsicum and the bacon & egg pizza. Sis ordered a soft drink and asked for ice but they didn't have any. We didn't have to wait very long at all. Soon our pizzas literally came out of the oven and onto our plates. Love the thin crust and the assortment of porky toppings! My favourite was the bacon & egg. Generous bacon bits and a barely set egg yolk. Yum! How can you go wrong with that combination really. Pizzas cost RM16 each and can feed two or one hungry person. I'd like to go back and try the nam yue pizza. Should be quite interesting. Chinese cheese?

101 Express - 1st Floor Sungai Wang Plaza (same floor as Esquire Kitchen). Tel 0162038747


  1. Real salami. Real egg. That's a real pizza! :D

  2. hmmm, looks yummy and cheap

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  6. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Thin crust is my favorite. I'd love to get a slice, or two, or three... :)


  7. Anonymous8:30 pm

    This pizza looks so appetizing , I think that no matter how big it is I will have no hesitation and eat it all...

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  9. I wish I could be eating this pizza right now! But I am on a diet! But this will be the first thing I will eat afterwards!

  10. Looks just awesome.Completely irresistible!

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