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I don't know what possessed me to buy a packet of Green's Carmelle from Hock Choon today. For those of you who born in the mid 80's and beyond, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. Carmelle (creme caramel) is an instant pudding that has been around for ages. Obviously people still buy it since they have it to this day. It was something my mum used to let me make myself, unsupervised. That was a big deal. So easy - heat up some milk, pour in the powder mix, stir and pour into moulds. And the best part was, two hours later dessert would be ready! Cuz and I use to complain how stingy they were with the caramel provided to create that lovely brown sugary topping. When I made opened up the box, I see nothing has changed. Why so stingy with the caramel? Anyway, I could've sworn it tasted different. I remember it to me much smoother, like flan. This had the texture of firm tofu. Not altogether unpleasant but I can see why I used to like it so much. Its like milk pudding with caramel sauce. Kinda tacky but brings back good memories!

Just recently I was craving ice lollies and was surprised to see Tropicana was still around. Although I don't quite remember it being so krytonitely green! Its still as good as I remember it to be. But what I really miss is Lion stick. Does anyone remember that from the 80's? It was just orange flavoured ice but somehow I can still recall that tangy sweetness with such clarity. The other thing I miss all the time is artic roll. Vanilla ice cream wrapped in a blanket of strawberry jam and swiss roll sponge. It almost makes me want to cry. You know why? Because I just found out after doing a search on google that they have recently reintroduced it back on the UK market in 2008! Crap! I could've had it the last time I was there! Read more about it here.


  1. Well, it looks really good. :)
    (Boo hoo. My mum didn't allow all these yummy things in the house so I don't have any childhood link to them.... All I had were smuggled in bars of chocolate!)

  2. Wow, such a healthy but deprived childhood! I thought I was missing out since mum wouldn't let us have maggi mee but you obviously had it tougher :-)

  3. let's not forget wall's paddle pop! the corn flavour rules! that jingle still rings in my head til today.

    and no maggi mee??? back then, maggi mee assam laksa flavour with an egg was bliss for me. ok, it still is. ;)

  4. I used to love an Orange flavoured ice cream, I can't remember what it's called though. We use to beg Grandma to give us some loose change to go get ice cream from the Ice-Cream man.

    The "ting-ting" man, now that's a different story all together. Let's see...kum-kum, ding-dang, tora, popo..Hahahah!

  5. Artic Rolls! We used to have them served to us for hall food. Loved them to bits. Sounds like you are having lots of cravings like Joe.

  6. HB - so lucky you got to eat maggi. I only got to eat it once a year and even then, it was cooked with mum's homemade chicken soup. Not the same without that packet of seasoning isnt it? :-)

    Unka - its Lion stick! I'm sure it is! I'm sure somewhere out there is another version of it. Will keep peering into ice cream fridges. The ice cream man on the motorbike would probably have it!

    So nice right Boo? I love that thin layer of swiss roll and jam with the vanilla ice cream. So good. The original ice cream cake! Is Joe pregnant too? ;-) (sorry joe, just kidding!)

  7. Errmm.. make your own? ^_^

    *silently berating hairyberry for evoking craving for maggi assam laksa*

  8. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Ooh, er... Sir, in your last paragraph: "Although I don't quite remember it being so krytonitely green!"

    I beg to differ. Kryton isn't green. Kryton the robo butler is in fact beige.

    It's perfectly alright though, common mistake... for the colour blind!

    (Yes, I know it's a typo and you really meant "Kryptonite".)


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