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Yes, I'm still on my London posts. I have a really good excuse for not blogging. As all my blogger friends already know, I am pregnant. And the first three months were really food-unfriendly to put it nicely. To the point where just thinking about food or looking at pictures would make my stomach churn. So there was no way I was going to blog descriptively without throwing up all over the keyboard. But hey, I'm into my second trimester now and the appetite is back! So I've been saving my posts on Tom's Kitchen and The Fat Duck to really give it a post it deserves.

So after all flurry of activity leading up to the wedding, it was nice to chill out back in London. My appetite was not great and the only thing I could really stomach were cold sandwiches and yoghurt. I don't think I've ever eaten so little in London before. Anyway, one night in Hunky and I were watching Iron Chef UK and Tom Aikens was on. I have to admit, I had never heard of him up until then. I thought he was pretty amazing and oddly sexy in a very intense sort of way. So when Hunky suggested we have lunch at his restaurant, I had my fingers crossed that we might catch a glimpse of the sexy chef. Be still my lustful heart. Ahem, anyway... Tom's Kitchen is tucked away on one of the back streets of Chelsea, not too far a walk from King's Road. It has an open kitchen and relaxed atmosphere. No sign of Tom Aiken but that didn't stop me from straining my neck looking out for him. Sigh.

I really wished I had more of an appetite because everything sounded so good on the menu. I only managed main course (lame!) while Hunky had an appetiser, main and a side on my behalf. How does he stay so slim? Sickening! Hunky started with pan-fried foie gras with duck egg served sunny side up and crisp slices of Ventreche bacon. Who would've thought of putting such a rich combination together? It was sinfully good! That runny yolk, crispy salty bacon and sweet buttery foie gras, genius! Next up was Rhug estate cumberland sausages for Hunky and for me, slow roasted pork belly. We also had a side order of truffle and parmesan chips. I don't how we ended up with more carbs when I wanted some greens. I blame Hunky. Anyway the sausages were really lovely. I don't know how to describe it because how descriptive can you be when it comes to sausages right? I will say that you have to taste it to feel the difference. The classic combination of onion gravy and mash with the sausages just make it a dish that you want to eat over and over again. My slow roasted pork belly was unexpected? It arrived looking like a brown millefeuille with a side of creamy mash quenelle. The skin was still surprisingly crisp eventhough it looked like it was going to be chewy. It was tasty but it didn't blow me away. I loved the melt in the mouth texture but I was not crazy about the mustard grain mash. The side of truffle chips was definitely worth ordering. Can't go wrong with hand-cut deep fried spuds covered with shavings of truffle and parmesan right? I would've loved to have gone again but we just didn't have time. We agreed that we would definitely go back again the next time we are in London. Lunch cost around £65 for the both of us including a bottle of sparkling water and VAT.

Tom's Kitchen - 27 Cale Street, Chelsea, London SW3 3QP. Tel: 0207 349 0202
Click here to visit their website


  1. Congratulations to you and Hunky! *hugs* :)

    (And awwwww, no photo of the hot chef? I am so disappointed :P...)

  2. Thanks J! Haven't seen you in ages. Did you google him? Quite sexy right??? Is it me or is it getting hot in here....

  3. gorgeous revamp and i love the way u collaged the 1st one! Tom's eh? i'm so going next year.. woohoo!

  4. No lah. *blush* I didn't Google him...

    Ok maybe I did. Haha... :P And yes! He ish hooooot!

    (Yeah... haven't seen you in AGES! Hope you are well... *hugs*)

  5. Thanks cikay! Don't forget to book Fat Duck too!

    J -told ya! lol

  6. So much PORK, so little time...

  7. Hey, I like the new look of the blog. :-) It's so cheerful! And looks like you're putting your new camera to good use. ;-) Foie gras + duck egg + bacon. OMG. I want.

  8. Gosh, I didn't know you are pregnant! Am I not your blogger friend? Hahaha! Congratulations to you and Hunky! ;D

    I've read of many descriptions of a pork belly but "brown millefeuille" deserves a medal for creativity. Now you got me thinking of a piece of pork belly AND a slice of mille feuille for ermmmm...supper (it's 2 am here).

    Nice seeing you again last week!

  9. Rabbitgut - you know!

    LL, come lets go!

    HB - Of course you are my friend! haha how can you not know? We were talking about it at FBB's that day mah... Or did you manly instincts just automatically tuned off? :-)

  10. Congratulations, dear - to you and your Hunky! So happy for ya! :D


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