Gem of a burger in Farnham

Back in Malaysia for a couple of weeks now and was hit by a nasty bug that resulted in 2 days of fever, back ache and complete misery. Talk about bursting the holiday bubble. Sigh, anyway, back to blogging. So I left off at the wedding in Farnham so will continue with a post on gourmet burgers at a pub called Mulberry. We had arrived by train from London and were told that the hotel was walking distance so we went on our merry way. Not far from the station is The Mulberry pub. I was intrigued by the burger menu and managed to convince the bridal party to have dinner there that night. Ironically, I didn't quite feel like eating a burger because I had been eating so many sweets with the bridesmaids when we were packing the sugared almonds for the wedding. It was a Thursday night but the pub was heaving with diners. I had a salad and picked on several burgers around me. Martin's in particular was superb! He had The Highwayman which consisted of gouda cheese, sauteed mushrooms, fried egg, bbq sauce and mayo. Nothing like really good melted cheese. I really enjoyed my two bites worth. Someone ordered the vegetarian burger called Bun Laden. The patty was made of chickpeas and topped with houmous, chilli mayo, tzatziki, tomato, cucumber, red onion and mixed salad. It wasn't great because the whole thing was just so carb heavy and everything just tasted like chick pea.
Hunky had the one with bacon, of course. It was called The Farmer John and had emmental cheese, onion rings, hash browns, mustard and mayo as well. It was pretty darn good. My favourite was The Smoke Signal which had oak-smoked cheese, smoked bacon, apple crisps, rocket and smoked paprika mayo. Never tasted anything quite like it. Gorgeous! Overall, the burgers here are way better than any I've tasted in London. Forget those commercial chains like GBK and Hamburger Union who seem to have really cut corners since they first opened. The patties here are made in house and are juicy with a nice chargrilled flavour but what really makes it are the superb fresh locally sourced ingredients. That really makes a difference. The burgers are priced between £7-£10.

The Mulberry Inn, Farnham - click here to go to their website

Hunky and I came across this plaque when we went exploring the town. LOL!


  1. Burgerrrrrrr! Hey I like the new look. Seems like you're giving everything a spiffying up.

  2. Ya, bout time I think. I've been so lazy. I kinda miss my rabbit tho'

  3. So pleasing to the eyes and definitely pleasing to taste. Love it!


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