Duck Rice at Four Seasons

A short post on an old favourite. Roast duck is about steaming hot plate of rice, token pieces of chinese lettuce and gravy as much as it is about the duck. English ducks are big, robust, meaty creatures unlike the wiry ones back home. Yet, the skin ain't any crispier. In fact, it ain't all that if you think about it. The reason why I always go back to it is because it reminds me of what once was and its the familiarity that provides me endless comfort. I have so many good memories of roast duck rice at Four Seasons. Running to the restaurant in the rain, feeding Bubur roast duck skin (RIP Bubur), farewell dinner, countless lunches with friends and family, ta-pauing on those cold nights and waiting in the car with heating on,... And who doesn't like those freshly cut oranges to clean your palate at the end of the meal eh? This trip I figured out the difference between Four Seasons and Gold Mine. All it really comes down to is a few more pieces of lettuce and one gravy is sweeter than the other. I kid you not. So don't fret if you can't get a table at Four Seasons because Gold Mine is only a few shop lots away!

Four Seasons is at 84 Queensway, London W2. Tel +44 20 7229 4320
Gold Mine is at 102 Queensway, London W2. Tel +44 20 7792 8331


  1. yummmmmmmm i want some 4 seasons duck..

    no.. i just want some big fat ducks!

  2. hehe.. i too had duck.. (post coming up) but across the road from 4seasons.. ;P can u guess where?

  3. I keep hearing how good Duck King is. Perhaps you can find your big fat duck there??

    Across the road? Don't have Chinese restaurant what. Isn't that Barclays? OMG, did I miss a possible duck rice?? Don't tell me Royal China.

  4. Duck rice! Duck rice! Duck rice!

    Can't have enough of em.

  5. Poor little ducky. It's so yummy. :) :)

  6. I was at Gold Mine last month and the duck was pretty good too. Heard from my friend that the chef that runs Goldmine was from Four Seasons

  7. Haha! Soooo good right? Rice and gravy, with duck! Bestnya!

    J -Its a tough choice but I'll live with it! :-)

    Kwong - yea I heard the same rumour. Well, they do taste VERY similar. I say, all the better cos now there are two places to eat duck! Yum!

  8. Indulge Cafe = . Give a try a new opening cafe at Kuchai Lama KL. They serving top selling Mille Crepe and plenty delicious food

  9. I always thought the duck tastes exactly the same at both restaurants - and the rumour about the 4 Seasons chef running off to open his own place is true. The waiter at Gold Mine confirmed it when I was in there last with my dad. However, I do much prefer Gold Mine - the dishes are so much better.

    Forget about Duck King - not so good la. Found it pretty dissapointing. Then again we only had Peking duck.


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