The Love Of My Life

If there ever comes a time when I have to choose between pork or chocolate, it would be a very, very sad day indeed. I know I always go on about my affinity with fine slabs of pork but after all is said and done, I just might pick chocolate. One of my first few memories involve chocolate. Pork actually came much later. My mum often tells the story of how she caught me sitting on the floor with the mini-bar wide open, a litter of colourful foil wrappers strewn around me and my face and hands stained with guilty, sinful dark chocolate. Apparently I was quite impervious to the effects of the liquer in the chocolate. What I remember was that I poured all the liquer away! I loved how all the sugar had crystallised at the bottom of each chocolate "bottle".

I'm not a snob. Well, not when it comes to chocolate. I like all kinds - white, milk and dark. Generic and gourmet. When I was old enough to travel with my parent to Australia to visit my siblings, I would love going to the supermarket with my mum. I loved Milo Bars and Violet Crumble. Sadly, Milo bars are no longer available and have since been replaced with the disgusting power/booster-bar-crap-thing. It was also in Australia that I discovered the joys of Easter! Easter to me meant chocolate eggs in all kinds of sizes. I loved the Red Tulip's caramel-filled mini eggs and Cadbury creme eggs. The most memorable one was the one given to me by Mrs. Moore and it was a dinosaur egg. (Not solid of course!) It was huge! It took me a long time to finish it. Back here it was Nutella of course. It was such a treat at recess to be able to buy that little packet of Nutella for 25 sen. I also remember eating quite a bit of Kandos and Krispy. I had Krispy recently and it brought back some fond memories. Kandos on the other hand, was not very nice! Oh, and who can forget strawberry and orange flavoured Zip! 

These days, I still enjoy English Kit Kat, Flake, M&M Peanut Butter when I feel like something junky. Then there are days when I feel very adult-like and eat nothing but Green & Blacks dark or Lindt 70%. When my friends go away for a holiday, I look forward to the chocolates they bring back. Hey, I'm a simple girl. A box of Godiva or Leonidas will be fine! When Rafs went to Japan recently, I asked for some green tea and red bean Kit Kat. I heard someone mention it before and was curious to have a bite. It was so exciting looking at this green and red packet of Kit Kat with the familiar logo and yet completely foreign text. I can tell you now that there is nothing vaguely red beany or green tea-like about it! It was like eating very sweet green-tinted white chocolate Kit Kat. I tried and tried to the green tea flavour but the tiny amount that I got was mostly psychological I think. Hey, at least I got to try Japanese Kit Kat but I think I will stick to plain old English Kit Kat.


  1. Anonymous6:24 pm

    I love Nutella... used to finish whole 3kg jars (available in Europe) by myself... and all those Ritter Sport squares... they'd have limited editions with egg liquer or amaretto... heavenly... alcoholic chocolatey goodnes... :D

  2. With Japanese, all flavours are subtle, my dear.

    Next time, take a photo of the inside lah. We all prefer a model whose clothes are peeled off from the body to reveal the creamy flesh beneath.

  3. Hahaha...mine was Honey Dew. I guess I'll post that sometime later (digs archives....) Oh, and I took nude shots of it too! ;o)

  4. Yesssah Kenny, 3kg jars? Why couldn't we be friends then? Darn you!

    Subtle my backside. That would be like making milo with half a teaspoon of milo. Whatlahhhh. And I couldn't take a picture because it was all melted. I'm sure Isetan will bring it in eventually since they already have RM19 can of Japanese Coca Cola!

    Honey dew?! Really? How was it? Faster go blog... :-)

  5. I take chocolate anytime. Ahhh.. I love licking the spoon of nutella too! One of my favs are mint dark chocolate.. mmmmmmm...
    hehe. the kit kat wrapper looks so different- green checkered!

  6. that image of you on the floor by the minbar with the strewn wrappers...still cracking me up!

    i thought it tasted very green tea-y! soooo nice!!

  7. I remembered when I was a kid, i used to sneak into the kitchen and quietly opened the fridge door to 'steal' chocolates as back then, my mum rationed my choc intake. It tastes so good then when i have to 'steal'. Now that no one bothers that i can have all i want, it doesn't taste as good as before. Hehehe.

  8. I love mint dark chocolate too! Esp. Bendick's bittermints! I'm glad none of my friends like it cos theres more for me!

    Says a lot don't you think? Just learnt how to walk and went straight for the mini bar. Hmmmm. I did not get the green tea taste at all! But thanks for bringing it back anyway darling!

    Ironic isn't it Pea? I always believe that food always taste better when you share it. Or in my case at home, "fight" over it! :-)


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