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Until now, I still have dreams, or rather nightmares, about exams. I'd get a knot in my stomach and sweaty palms just thinking about it. Well, the reason why I hated exams was because I never studied. Well, I did try but my mind was always wandering off somewhere. And children, that explains Aunty Paprika's bad grammar amongst other things. I managed to skim through but the nightmares of being ill-prepared still haunts me to this day. I usually have these dreams near deadlines and the dreaded filing of taxes. Today I experienced being in school again. Looking through my pictures, I realised I haven't blogged about so many restaurants! My God! Some of the photos took some time to recall. So here I am, trying very hard to finish my homework before school starts! I think I will stop eating until I finish blogging about all the old ones. Yea right.

Rick's Cafe. Yes, inspired from the one in the classic "Casablanca". Rick's Cafe in One Bangsar is described as "Morrocan-inspired Western cuisine". It was in October last year that Nigel and Allan (better known as the deadly delicious duo from Just Heavenly) organised a dinner for a bunch of us bloggers. Not unlike school, I was unprepared that evening. As my dining companions whipped out their Nikons and Canons, I decided that I would spend the evening just concentrating on the food and left my little Sony Ericsson W800i hidden in my bag. I decided to revisit Rick's several weeks later with Cuz. It was a balmy evening, it had rained for the most part of the day. We had spent the whole day traipsing around Bangsar looking for a new wardrobe for Cuz. When I say wardrobe I don't mean the cupboard, just incase you should start searching for furniture in Bangsar. Anyway, when we arrived at Rick's, it was a lot more quiet than it had been when I visited last. Well, the noise came from us bloggers mainly. It was just me, Cuz and a family of four sitting in the far corner from us.

I remembered the la kemia (Moroccan tapas to us peasants, av. RM12 per tapas) that I enjoyed the most and ordered them for us to share. Chicken liver pate with orange preserve, ocean trout belly grilled with sea salt and topped with tomato pickle and lamb patties with tomato relish. They were still as good as it was the first time. The pate was smooth and creamy with a hint of alcohol. The ocean trout was so tender it just fell apart in my mouth. The lamb was strong on the spice but the sweet tomato relish balanced the heavy taste. Cuz fell in love with the Twice Baked Mushroom and Gruyere Souffle (RM26) just like I knew that she would. After all who could resist mushrooms and cheese? Especiallly when done like this. It was buttery, it was salty, it was light, it was creamy, it was just sinfully satisfying! We didn't have any dessert as the souffle just tipped the scales by a few kilos I reckon. Anyway, I was disappointed to see that the blue cheese ice cream we tried previously was not on the menu. I really liked it! Oh well, must come back another time and hopefully they will have it then.
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  1. the blue cheese ice cream was ice cream of the day or something right? kind of cool eating it.. never thought it would taste so good.

  2. hmm bring back memories of my nice juicy fat steak..ooh la la..

  3. I've been recommending the twice baked mushroom and gruyere souffle to everyone! Who woulda thought my mistake in ordering the fish that night would have turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Yay Hunky.

  4. exactly the same thought as teckie. do they still have that GLORIOUSSSSSS blue cheese icecream??

  5. mama bok10:21 am

    Interesting. blue cheese ice cream.. :)


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