My Secret

Everyone has a secret. Some are more explosive than others. Mine is a secret so sacred and wonderful that I feel the need to share it. I belong in a cult. Every year a small number of chosen elite meet with our leader, simply known as Mrs H. It is the highest honour a member can hope to achieve. To be hand picked, oh, the joy at the golden promises that awaits! This year was no different. The newly refurbished HQ was even more intimate than the previous location. The three of us who were chosen knew that it was going to be a very special occasion indeed. The skies were grey at noon when we arrived. Ms O came to greet us. I had brought a sacrificial durian cheesecake for Mrs H. The creamy beast appeases Mrs H and I knew I would be well looked after.

So this is my big secret, gathering to eat the best nasi lemak in town. This photo does not do it justice as it was taken in great haste, I feared my rival Mr C was about to finish all the sardine sambal before I could try it! The fluffy coconut rice is perfectly cook with just a hint of pandan. I love eating it with the sweet and spicy anchovy sambal, crunchy peanuts and crispy anchovies. And who knew sardine could taste so lovely in a sambal? This particular one is more tomato based with barely any chilli in it. Mrs H also made her signature mini pegedil. That picture may look like a small serving but I had three helpings. I only stopped because everyone had stopped. I didn't want to look like the biggest glutton at the table! I could've kept eating and eating. I guess what makes this nasi lemak special for me is because Mrs H only makes it once a year and I feel very lucky to be invited.

Thank you Mrs H for the lovely meal!


  1. I c-c-c-a-n-t do this a-a-an-n-y-m-or-e. I can't look at that pic. T-a-k-e me to that na-a-s-i l-ema-k. Plllleeeaaaasseeeeeeeee.....!!!

  2. Mmmmmm! Nasi lemak is my absolute favourite. I'm craving it now. Oh, anf the 'pic of the month' is so cute :p

  3. nice nice nice! the sambal is my favourite in a good nasi lemak... so craving for a bite of that now.

  4. Mrs H6:27 pm

    You are most welcome and I am happy to cook for you anytime.
    Love, Cult leader Mrs H

  5. How to sign-up as a member of your cult?

  6. argh!! do we have to dress up to join the cult??..

  7. O.O *stunned*

    How to join the cult? Need any password?

  8. I'll clean Mrs H's kitchen for a can I come?

  9. do you have any leftovers that i can sample? damn, nasi lemak and pegedil..god, i'm almost touching myself...

  10. To all cult members wannabes,

    Those who wish to be chosen may *ahem* donate (generously) to the cult. Please make your cheques out to Paprika.

    Yours sincerely

    CFO of MHNLO
    (Mrs H Nasi Lemak Organization)


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