Rolling With The Sushi

I like Pavilion. When it was coming up, I thought “Why on earth do we need another shopping mall?” Well, I still believe we don’t need it but it is quite fun to have around especially now that my favourite KLCC has become too cramped with people of late. Pavilion is so shiny and new. I love the drama-rama staircase leading down to the concourse and the overall spacious feel to the place. All my favourite shops are there including Kiehl's! And one more reason to visit, my favourite sushi bar from London, Yo! Sushi. Its certainly not as trendy and clubby, flashback to robotic trolleys and strobe lights in Portland Street, but the menu is equally as expensive and creative with tonnes of variety to suit almost everyone.

Anything worth eating is over RM8 per plate, and you only get two pieces of futomaki on each plate. Seeing that I am *ahem* Head Of Maki, I took the liberty of sampling an array of makis for research. We ordered a few makis and a salad to begin with. The food was a little slow but we busied ourselves figuring out the dishes as they rolled by on the conveyer belt and watched with wonder as the chefs perilously chop all kinds of vegetables at lighting speed. We picked up a spicy chicken katsu (above right) but it tasted suspiciously like pork. Talk about wishful thinking. It was very tasty and I love the unmistakable breaded texture of the fried chicken.

Next was crispy duck and moromi miso maki (above left). The duck was tasty but it definitely was not crispy despite being freshly wrapped in its rice cocoon. Cuz liked it very much because of the salty sweet brown rice miso sauce. I left her to it while I devoured the sesame seared salmon (above middle) which was barely seared and more like sesame crusted salmon sashimi. Very fragrant and I like the crunchy texture of the sesame with the tender salmon.

Salmon dragon roll (below left) was the clear winner of the day. It was filled with crabstick, avocado, shichimi (chilli powder) and topped with a fat slice of salmon sashimi. The combination may not be new or exciting but it was remarkably fresh which really made the difference. The first runner up was the soft shell crab with yuzu tobiko (below middle) with sweet chilli mayonnaise. We loved the Japanese pickles which lent a crunchy texture and salty sweet taste to the yummy roll. We also tried their sesame salmon salad (below right) with gently poached gai lan, bean sprouts and sesame dressing. It was super chilled and lovely on a hot day.

The last dish we had was takoyaki. I never really understood what the big fuss was about. I might as well dip some doughnuts into mayonnaise. This deep fried carbohydrate ball had a minuscule piece of octopus in the middle and was spiked with a fruity katsu sauce, red ginger, mayo and bonito flakes. Cuz felt there wasn’t enough mayo and I have to agree with her. I mean its just not junky enough without the mayo. I just thought it was a bit pointless and I'd rather save the calories as there are so many other more exciting dishes to try.

There are assorted ramens which look slurpishly delicious from RM10-14 in dashi miso broth for those of you who prefer a hot meal. Miso soup and green tea are priced at rm5 per bowl but you are entitled to unlimited refills. Do go check it out if you are feeling extravagant and rich. Our meal cost RM90! Yo! Sushi is located on the lower ground floor next to Food Republic.


  1. I have always seen this outlet in MidValley but have never really given it much thought as the name says it's all Sushi (not a sushi fan:p)
    Do they have other stuffs, teriyaki stuffs? :D

  2. Ah I didn't realise they already have one in Midvalley. But then again I do avoid Midvalley like the plague. :-) Yes they have other things on the menu but 85% is sushi. Didnt notice any teppanyaki but they do have tempura, salads and soup/stir-fried noodles.

  3. Anonymous1:40 am

    It's OH sushi at mid-valley, not YO sushi.

  4. Thxs for the review Mdm Maki! Will go check it out soon since I can't resist sushi. They're opening an outlet in the Gardens also.

  5. ohh..imported sushi from LONDON? huh? that doesnt sound right..but the pictures does..haha..u knw if i can spend 50 bucks in sushi king, i dread knowing the price i will pay here..

  6. Thanks anonymous for that. Good thing cos I would be seriously annoyed if I was in midvalley hunting high and low for phantom sushi bars! haha...

    Gardens ah? Hmmm, I'll stick to Pavilion thanks. Unless I need to go but itti & otto shoes at Robinsons. So nice! Er, do you want to regroup and have a meeting at Yo! Sushi? :-)

    Joe, ar... Think you better give this one a miss then. Or eat two burgers first before you visit! hahaha, would hate to see your bill!

  7. I think it's about time for the Japanese Food Kawan Association (did i get the name rite?) to have a Committee gathering especially since there are a few new Jap eateries mushrooming in Pavilion and Garden. What u think?

  8. *sign* ....i picked Ichiban Boshi... Yo!Sushi sounds like a better place that Ichiban Boshi

  9. Oohh... Mrs Maki, thx for sharing this... Initially i tot some local owned shshi bar but i guess im wrong..

  10. I'm with you Pea! Come time for AGM anyway hor?

    I heard Ichiban Boshi isn't very good but its also quite a bit cheaper than Yo!Sushi. You pay for what you get right?

    Yesssah Jackson?...

  11. Ichiban Boshi is Spore mali while Yo Sushi is London mali mah...


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