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My best friend from school, Hogey, is visiting from Oz. She is getting married in March next year and I am to be bridesmaid for the fourth time. Luckily, I'm not the superstitious sort. I would even go as far to say that I deliberately seek out opportunities to challenge it. Hit me with a number 4 baby, yea! Is that a ladder I'm walking under? Yea, I love living dangerously. Rebel without a cause, yup thats me. You know, sometimes when I'm feeling especially adventurous, I even venture out of my comfort zone and agree to have dinner in obscure places like Peejay. Tonight was such a night. Technically it wasn't quite PJ, not in the chaotic and irrational town planning sense. It was really TTDI, at the shop lots near Damansara Specialist Centre. It was pissing down and we had a interesting ride in the Kelisa. That car was not built to be driven on highways when it is raining. Still, we made it in one piece to Super Tanker. Yes, that is the name of the Chinese restaurant. Hey, theres De Foodland, Elegant Inn, so why not Super Tanker?!

It was brimming with families halfway through dinner when we arrived at 8:30pm. CW had done the ordering as she frequents this restaurant. She said that this was one of the better Chinese restaurants in the area. The food here is definitely tasty and reminiscent of homecooking. The special of the night was stewed pork ribs with potatoes. It arrived in a claypot and tasted like something my mum would make at home. Intensely comforting, the meat was tender and the soft floury potatoes made me want to curl up my feet and go to sleep. The fried chicken was tender and crispy. It came with a cuttlefish-infused sauce with chilli, mint and onions. Fantastic with white rice. The steamed garoupa fillets were slightly overcooked and tasted very faintly of mud. Some pieces tasted better than others though. I really loved the caramelised prawns! It was sweet, salty and springy all at once. The other dish which I thought was very good was the tofu. It was layered with fish cake and I don't even like fish cake! Somehow this particular dish worked for me. The springy texture of the fish cake was perfect when combined with the soft tofu. Topped with crispy shallots and thick soy sauce, it was a dish I wanted to eat over and over again. Oh, the claypot salted fish and belly pork slices was fantastic! It was salty and spicy with just a hint of mandarin peel. Think it might be better than Overseas! I had to stop myself from ordering a second bowl of rice. All that lovely gravy, sigh...

We also had kangkong belacan which I did not get around to trying. I just don't enjoy eating it anymore. There was also squid stir-fried with salted egg yolk. It was a little oily and not as fragrant as it should've been. It was quite a lot of food but at the same time I wasn't bursting at the seam. The bill came up to be quite expensive because of the prawns and fish. It was RM290 (RM130 for the fish and prawns) including two beers, orange juice and coke. I guess I would go back again when I'm in the neighbourhood again. It was a pleasant change to Overseas. Ah, but no char siu!


  1. Layers of fish cake with tofu. Nice! That is something different. I wonder if it is something that can be replicated at home?

  2. and no roast duck too! hehehe

  3. the tofu looks interesting, layers of fish cakes n tofu, i thought that it was some 3 layers pork at first glance

  4. Sounds a bit expensive for the food ordered.... hmmm......

  5. Daphne I volunteer to eat if you are making!

    Oh babe, you really know how to tease me!

    KPCG, if only!! Mmmm, belly pork...

    BBO, I thought it was quite expensive too! I suppose it is in the affluent suburb of TTDI?

  6. glad to know you still havent ditched ur char siu..hahaha...


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