The Answer is Char Siu

When you are feeling down, dial 1-800-char siu for immediate relief

The Benefits
  • acts as a natural placebo. The mere sight and smell induces a feeling of euphoria
  • is known to improve skin texture by "moisturising from within"
  • helps aid digestion especially when eaten with yau fahn and iced barley
  • also known to cure hangovers/neutralise effects of alcohol - simply ingest entire slab preferably using your fingers (so you do not waste any precious oils and minerals)
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Paprika's Picks For The Miss Char Siu Pageant
This particular beauty (pictured above) is from Overseas Imbi. Ms. Overseas Imbi is so popular that you need to order in advance. She is tender all round with voluptuous streaks of fat and a lovely coat of sticky caramel. She costs RM25++. My other finalists are, Ms Meng Kee! She hails from Tengkat Tong Shin and is only available during the day. She is not as voluptuous but equally as tender. Sometimes she can be a little burnt around the edges. She isn't cheap either, RM10 for a small portion. And last but not least, Ms Soo Kee from Ampang. Ms Soo Kee is somewhat of a veteran in this pageant. Although she has fallen from grace in recent years (she caused a scandal with her seedy and dirty methods), I still think she should be included. She has always been, to quote Destiny's Child, "My body is too bootylicious for you baby!" She isn't one to visit often as it would most certainly result in a heart attack of sorts. She was already charging RM10 back in the day so I hate to imagine how much it is now. So those were the three finalists so far. And the winner is.....

I wanted to save this picture for next month's "pic of the month" but I just couldn't wait any longer. I haven't been very inspired to blog lately as I am coming down with something. Perhaps it has affected my brain somewhat which would explain this loopy post. Guess I should go have some char siu, it is THE miracle cure after all.


  1. *wolf whistles* Ms. Overseas!

    She's definitely the best in the sticky char siu category. We were just talking abt her tday as my friend was saying how yummy it was. Hope you get better soon. Do u need another char siu delivery or u prefer sinful and buttery cupcakes instead to perk u up?

  2. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Hahaha, kudos to Ms. Overseas!

  3. farnee la u! I love them all! Char siu rocks! Char siu rules! Char siu forever!

  4. This is one beauty pageant I'll scramble for front row seat & drool!

  5. Mmmmm, you sure know how to get someone hot and bothered Boo! Such a difficult decision, sei lor... Well I did dream of your cupcakes! That might be a sign! hahaha...

    Jason & Rafs, please feel free to submit your Ms Char Siu for the pageant! Long Live Char Siu!!!

    Tummythoz, wah can't wait for the swimsuit segment!

  6. So funny..... yet so entertaining.

    Love your style of writing. Keep it up. really rocks.

  7. u dont sound like u r done with something..on the contrary, a very fresh style of writing

    hmmm char siu....

  8. Thanks big boys oven!

    Joe, char siu is my muse. When you have something this glorious and inspiring sitting infront of you, the words just overflow like the Klang River...

  9. i wan char siew as my birthday gift, can?

  10. very creative post!! the only beauty pageant that caught my eyes so far

  11. hehe.. a really sexy post ;p well done! and the chaisiu looks really good... mmm. (and i agree it is such a comfort food!)

  12. That's it. I'm going to EAT HER next week!!! Try to stop me. Ms Overseas will be digested before you can even sing "You Are So Beautiful Toooo Meeeeeeeee".....

  13. You know Jackson, since our marriage was annulled, I don't think I am obligated to share any char siu with you. Hmmph, go ask one of other wives lah!

    You know, all these comments only proves one thing - CHAR SIU ROCKS! Gee, been awhile since I had so many enthusiastic comments!

    LL, race you!!

  14. Anonymous6:25 pm

    This is so funny. LOL. I love charsiew :)


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