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Last Sunday, after scraping some of my skin off at Camp 5, a few of us went to grab some lunch at Sushi Groove. I never would've known about this place had I not read about it on Boolicious' blog. I am a creature of habit and the crowds at 1 Utama on the weekends keep me at restaurants located close to exits and elevators. Sushi Groove is located opposite L'Occitane. Its hard to miss this place with the thumping music and bar vibe. We felt rather under dressed in our sweaty gym attire as we waited at the lounge area for a table. Its sleek dark interior makes it look like the anti-sushi. The sushi menu is extensive with cute pictures alongside funky names. We ordered krakatoa, fusion dragon, golden gate, baby dragon and mayonaise dream roll. The problem with all this complicated names was by the time they arrived, we forgot what was in the darn things. Apart from the mayonnaise dream roll which is self-explanatory. Fortunately, there is a website.

Above left, Golden Gate. Fresh salmon and avocado roll topped with tuna sashimi. It was pleasant enough. We devoured it within seconds as we were starving. Next was the Krakatoa. Deep-fried roll of gindara (silver cod) and asparagus with spicy mayo. It looked impressive but the taste failed to impress. I didn't even know there was asparagus in it. Reading the menu on the website now, I feel a little cheated! Where were all these phantom ingredients?

Above left, the Baby Dragon roll which consisted of shrimp tempura, crab salad, avocado and tobiko. I could definitely taste the tempura but it could've done with a bit more avocado. Above right, Mayonnaise Dream roll. Baked sushi with salmon, crab, carrots and spicy mayo. Its a lot smaller than it looks. They really are bite size pieces of mayonnaise. What crab? Carrots? Really? At the average price of RM10++ per roll, I wouldn't complain too much really. But there is one thing that is not acceptable and thats the rice. It was a little soggy and bland. It had a consistency of very thick porridge. Perhaps they overcooked it and forgot the vinegar on this occasion.

The roll that saved the meal was the last one we ordered, and that was the Fusion Dragon. It was a scary looking thing that curled like a colourful snake on the plate. Marinated salmon, shrimp tempura and slices of beef in a sweet and spicy sauce. It was also torched for effect. Very tasty but we definitely tasted mango which isn't listed as an ingredient. I like the different textures and tastes coming together. For dessert, Beard Papa's. Delicious, chilled vanilla and chocolate custard in crisp choux pastry. Hunky's favourite. He can devour a box of 5 in a day. No wait, let me rephrase that. He can have 5 a day and not put on any weight. Why? Why is life so unfair?!


  1. I love Beard Papa's. First had it in Hong Kong and was hooked on the tea (lai char) flavour! Sadly not available here..

  2. i dont think i want to drop by this place after all dis so-so reviews..good 1..good 1.. i have been dreaming of trying beard papa green tea flavour but there r always out of stock!

  3. Anonymous11:06 am

    Passed by Sushi Groove 2 weeks ago and it was packed! Nice decor albeit too dark for cam whoring I guess.

  4. gotta make sure i dun stand next to Hunky! it feels good to stand next to my hubby though cos he's forever 4 mths preggy :D (shhh dun let him know)

  5. Yea, I've heard about their green tea flavour. Didn't see any signs of its existence at 1U last week though!

    It wasn't that busy considering it was Sunday. Bit dark but good for dates!

    Ya Hunky is soooo inconsiderate! I keep telling him to put on weight so I can look slimmer! heehee

  6. Must have been a very surprising meal, what with all those missing ingredients and ingredients that weren't supposed to be there but were there anyway! Kinda like my boss when he turns up and sits next to me while I'm chatting on the computer. :-P

  7. Wow, I really respect Hunky for eating 5 puffs at one go and not put on weight!

  8. Wow, never knew sushi came in so many colours... Pretty... *sounds like he's high on pot*

    Are you sure your hubby didn't put on any weight? I look skinny myself but all my fat is centred around my waistline as flab and love handles... cannot get rid of it lar... Any operation to suck the fat from there and put it in my arms instead ah? LOL


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