Adventures of a Newly Wed & The Wedding Banquet

First things first, I'm married. Wife No.4 no less. The prefered one right? Although, Lyrical Lemongrass aka Wife No.2 threatened to deck me one when I dared to ask. And who is this husband of mine? Why, Action Jackson of course. Yes, Jackson and I met Pudu last night. Over tea and peanuts, I came to realise I was attending my own wedding dinner at Sek Yuen with the fellow bloggers (and other wives) as guests to the three-course "banquet". I have to say, I want the marriage annulled as I did not receive the customary roast pig and it was also seven courses short of a banquet. Jokes aside, parking in the backstreets of Pudu is not something I want to do alone again. It was a little scary as there were quite a few random men just lurking around on the pedestrian bridge which I had to use to cross the busy Pudu main road.

I was excited about finally eating at Sek Yuen as I have heard so much about it. Since it the first leg of a food crawl, Boolicious had organised for us to sample three of the more popular dishes. We had pat poh ngap, fish cake lined with chicken skin and kah hiong cai. I loved the duck! It was so lovely and tender. And the inside was filled with gingo nuts, bean, mushroom and other treasures. I loved how the filling almost tasted like a really delicious zhong. I could've eaten the whole duck by myself. I would've slowly ploughed my way through. I would've been very ill but very happy indeed. I was not very fond of the chicken skin dish as I have never liked fish cake. And the chicken skin just tasted like deep fried beancurd skin to me. I felt it was a bit of a waste of calories. My mum would absolutely loved this dish though! The kah hiong cai was very tasty. It had a nice balance of fermented bean and medley of vegetables. It would've been a perfect dinner had it not been tainted by the unfortunate incident over the bill. Three dishes, five bowls of rice and chinese tea came up to almost RM170. How is this possible? We're still not entirely sure what happened but I checked the price of the same duck (same filling) at Overseas and it costs RM60. I would be very surprised if Sek Yuen turns out to be more expensive than Overseas.
After Sek Yuen, twelve hungry bloggers continued on their quest for food. We crossed the road over to Wai Sek Kai where a streetful of vendors with hot, tempting food called out to our rumbling stomachs. It was a massacre of food. We had fried chicken, chee cheong fun, fried radish cake, cockels, porridge, rojak and there may have been some other things I did not get round to trying on the other side of the table. The fried chicken was very good and deserves a special mention. The skin was crispy and it wasn't oily. The chee cheong fun was firm and springy, not like the smooth and soft ones I am used to. It was interesting but the sauce was a little too sweet. I prefered the curry version that Lyrical Lemongrass was busy drinking next to me. I'm so glad I met this bunch of food bloggers. What could be more fun than to hang out with a bunch of people who thoroughly enjoy food? I have so much more to learn and eat!


  1. harlow, bini ke-4, you forgot to talk about the yummylicious desserts at Bijan ar? :-P That was most definitely the icing on the durian cheesecake!!

    Jealously yours,
    Bini No-1 (recently promoted)

  2. wahhh *burrpp* congrats on yr recent marriage kekekeke... aiks LL became #1 oredi??? i'm terribily confused now

  3. ya lor, babe. WMW rescinded her title. Claims she's moved someone else?? hmmm. Good for me lor. I get promoted. Yahooo.....jackson, we celebrate TONIGHT!!!!

  4. Thank you, thank you Joe. Er...Where is my ang pow?

    Hello No.1! Congrats on your recent promotion! Am glad you enjoyed the desserts! Go easy on Jackson tonight ya? ;-)

    BabeKL, are you a wife/ex/fiance of Jackson's too? I am as confused as you are!

  5. woiiii, the ending is too abrupt. foreplay no orgasm. i was looking forward to reading about the bijan dessert. i know you might not want to be seen promoting your own restaurant lar....but STILL, you cant blog about the event by omitting the ending.....chis bedebah.
    that jackson, has redefined slut-dom.

  6. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Ha, I missed your wedding dinner!

  7. Quite a complete wedding dinner it was! Got duck, chicken, fish, greens & lotsa papparazzi (tho not on d hapi couple).
    Funny post. Made me spurt coffee.

  8. FBB, the ending wasn't too abrupt. What do you want? A play by play of Action Jackson and Paprika's first night? Aiyoh! Hahaha...

    I'm free, I'm free...hahaha - ex first wife!

  9. Hahaha.. farnee post! Who would have thought Jackson, the mild-mannered looking gentleman is such a ladykiller?? Hahaha.. And who is bini #3??

    So how much was the duck anyway?

  10. Shylah FBB...

    Jason, glad you joined us for the post wedding pre divorce party!

    Tummythoz, I'll get you a cloth to wipe your computer screen! :-)

    WMW, perhaps you can shed some light as to who No.1, 2and 3 is now! So confused!

    Ka.T, its the quiet ones you have to look out for! Still don't know how much the duck was. The bill was lumped together and when we asked, the man was very vague!

  11. tummythoz is now bini no.2 and paprika no.3 so still got one more place to be filled! Hahahaha! Lucky Jackson!

    Psstt...send sms to jackson now to annul your marriage.

  12. Congratulations! Didn't know it was a wedding I was organising or else I would have ordered a suckling pig in honour of two of you. Grrrr abt those old fogeys in Sek Yuen for overcharging us but never mind we had so much fun.

    U wives better beware, Jackson is in Beijing so he may come home with wife no. 4 - a china doll!

  13. Ei, I thot PP was Bini No.3? But PP had to behave lor, coz Hubby No.1 was there that night. :-P

  14. err no wor cos i think he must hv been very afraid after seeing my hubs :p

  15. hehe.. This is a interesting and humourous post! congrats to your 'wedding dinner' - complete with photographers (on the food) and so many courses! How funny! I wonder who is the 2nd wife?

  16. haha....i didn't realised that its my wedding dinner! LOL! It's good to know you and hope we can live happily ever after

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