Happy New Year!!! Wishing every one a beautiful and peaceful 2010. December was a month of pure indulgence. Between Hunky's sister's wedding, various kenduris and multiple Christmas feasts, I am feeling like that cat on the left. However, instead of my usual waxing lyrical about how I'm going to be thin and healthy this year, I will save myself the shame and you the boredom and announce that Ravenous Rabbit has a new blogger-in-crime called Mr Tickles! A post on Prego is coming up soon! Until then, hope all of you have recovered from the hangovers and have a great week ahead!

Pictured left is my nephew's cam-whoring cat Cicak.


  1. (A cat called Cicak? *lol*)

    Happy new year to you! :) Looking forward to your next post....

  2. Mr Tickles? wow.. cool! cannot wait;D

  3. LOL, u put up the pix of Cicak caught in the act with his big tummy! Hmmm, I wonder who is Mr. Tickles??

  4. Welcome Mr Tickles!!!

    errr would Mr Tickles articles make us tickled? LOL happy new year!

  5. Garfield!

    Mr Tickles? Hunky, izzit?

    Happy New Year, gur gur!

  6. Cicak so cute! Looking forward to postings from Mr. Tickles.


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