Tamarind Hill

Tamarind Hill. What a blast from the past. I remember dining there for the first time way back when I did a review for Men's Review. Remember that magazine? Yeah, it was that long ago. I can't actually remember when I last went there for a meal. Probably close to 7 years. Not because it wasn't any good anymore but with all the new eateries and it being tucked away in the depths of Ampang, it simply dropped off my dining radar. Sometime last year Tamarind Hill moved into the KLCC area occupying the lovely space that was once the fine Italian Scalini's, then the very happening Citrus and for a very short stint, Zensake. It was earlier this week when I finally went for lunch. It was strange going up those stairs after so many years. Memories of me stomping down the hill half drunk springs to mind. Those memories seem so seedy in broad daylight. Huh.

The restaurant is quite lovely. It seems to have retained that homey charm and relaxed ambience from its old location. There is ample seating indoors and a long setting of banquettes on the terrace. We were given refreshing shot glasses of tamarind juice while we browsed the menu. Nothing really grabbed us from the lunch menu which sounds pretty reasonable at RM35 for 3 course lunch. We decided to order the Tamarind appetiser platter which consisted of four pairs of their signature dishes. The seared scallops with orange sauce didn't quite go together. Scallops were nicely done but otherwise quite tasteless. The orange sauce overpowered the scallops rather than compliment it. Fishcakes were good. Did not get the chicken and apple rice paper wrap at all. Furthermore the rice paper reeked of dank wet towel. I reckon they must use a wet towel to keep it moist. It really put me off it. I also quite liked the stuffed segment of orange. I'm not quite sure what it was but it was a savoury filling of chicken and peanuts for sure.

We then had steamed river lobster which was really river prawns. The strange thing was they gave us 3 halves. I assume they are normally bigger? Anyway, it was nice enough with the simple lime chilli dressing. Next was the braised wagyu rump cooked in a chilli and tomato sauce. It was salty and that was about it. The texture of the beef was surprisingly tough. The meal was quickly going downhill. Finally, the only saving grace of the meal, the duck and lychee salad arrived. Love the different textures and great balance of flavours. Duck was perfectly cooked and tender. Gorgeous! I'd like to come back again for dinner to try their other dishes. Fingers crossed that it will be a lot more favourable. Lunch was RM190 for the two of us. Bear in mind that we did order all the expensive items.

Click here to visit Tamarind Hill's website
19 Jalan Sultan Ismail. Tel - 03 21483200


  1. exquisite! looking at that massive river prawn is giving me cold sweat.. like in a good way!

  2. Hmm... the place looks more delectable than the food, I have to say... but gotta try first then baru tau, kan? :)

    Miss you, dear - how you been lately? (Aside from thrashing my Devil's poor ass at Scrabble, that is.)

  3. hahaha. You got the chills, its eletrifying! You are loooosing control?

    Haro! I'm good but flu-ey at the moment. Want to go together? (where go thrash? barely scrape only)

  4. Oh man. I think I hear the duck salad calling my name. And it's saying "Eat me. You know you want to." :)
    (I love duck!)

  5. Should have stuck to the RM35 3-course lunch, eh? Hehe. Oh dear, I can literally smell the damp towel from your description! I'd have thrown up. A pity that the food didn't meet with your expectations. I'll take heed of your recommendations and stick to the duck and lychee salad. :-)

  6. J - duck salad really saved the day! It was the deciding whether to blog or not. If I don't have anything nice to say at all, I ain't gonna blog about it.

    You know! Pengsan man! Yes, word of advice to anyone going for lunch, take the set lunch! lol

  7. It was earlier this week when I finally went for lunch. It was strange going up those stairs after so many years.

  8. "The restaurant is quite lovely. It seems to have retained that homey charm and relaxed ambience from its old location." - Great place and lovely.

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  9. Anonymous12:44 pm

    really love this place... Tamarind Hill


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