Tonkichi - Dontaku Reincarnated

What is about deep fried pork that make us Chinese drop down on our knees and surrender? I had heard about Tonkichi from a few of my friends who must pay homage when in Singapore. Its quite different from other Japanese restaurants. If you are hoping for sashimi, maki or sukiyaki, you will be sorely disappointed. The theme here is deep fried and pork. Is it any wonder that the place is packed at three in the afternoon? We had to queue for 15 minutes but I was reassured over and over again by Cuz and co that it was well worth the wait. I am told that they used kurobuta pork which is basically the pork equivalent of Kobe beef. I ordered katsudon of course. I haven't had katsudon since Dontaku. Oh Dontaku, how I miss you. Cuz and co ordered some potato croquettes and tonkatsu. The sets come with unlimited rice, miso soup and very finely shredded cabbage which is lovely with the vinaigrette. I don't know how they deep fry the meat but its super crispy, not oily and it definitely does not have that awful reused oil taste and smell. In a nutshell, if comfort could be formed in a bowl it would be this. The first bite was like coming home after a long absence. The pork was tender and juicy on the inside. And the fluffy rice was moist with chup, onions and egg. Sigh. Definitely swoon worthy. I'm glad this place is not in KL, I think I would have trouble staying away. So if you are in Singapore, head on over and indulge in some deep fried goodies. Click here to visit their website. 

While we were wandering around, I came across this poster and thought of Hairy Berry. Too bad we missed you HB!   


  1. yeah, too bad about the schedule! we coulda porky pork the whole day! from tonkichi to tampopo all the way.

    well, i'm sure you'll be down here again sometime. so, let's meet up then. ;D

  2. ohhh, and "from hairyberry to strip berry". OUCH!

  3. Its a date Nic! I am dreaming about Tonkichi and Ember! Mmmm the weather right now is perfect for a big bowl of hot katsudon.

  4. Anonymous10:49 pm

    And what happens after they strip hairyberry? :P

    Katsudon Ahoy! Had a really good bowl of it earlier this week. It does make one all happy and cheery amidst the gloomy rain, hor? :)

  5. hahahaha... strip on , strip off.. and somewhere in the distance... a HAIRYBERRY yells... :P:P (think FARSIDE!)


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