Pork Ribs Ala LTG

One night when Hunky and I were feeling hungry and flicking channels, we stumbled upon License To Grill on AFC. My brother loves this program. Hell, I think he gets as turned on by LTG as he does Nigella Feasts. I think every man wants a kitted out bbq grill. It just reeks of testosterone and machismo. On the other hand no woman wants to stand infront of the grill and smell like smoke and meat. Although, I'm sure this could be bottled into a successful fragrance guaranteed to intoxicate any hot blooded man. Anyway, back to the program, Rob Rainford was roasting a killer rack of pork ribs in his giant shiny grill. Hunky was salivating and collecting a small puddle of drool around him. With that image imprinted in my head, I found myself wandering into the haram section of Tesco. Which by the way, is an ocean of calm compared to the pasar malam-like atmosphere in the halal section. And there it was, a 1.5kg rack of ribs waiting to be carted home. I didn't watch the whole program so I had no idea what he marinated the ribs with. I decided the safest bet would to do a pseudo Chinese style. For the marinade I used honey, salt, soy sauce, kicap pekat, star anise, black peppercorns, sesame oil and crushed garlic cloves. Its hard to gauge how tasty it should be but the marinade was a good consistency and tasted very intense. I then left the ribs soaking in the marinade for 2 days. It wasn't meant to take so long, we just haven't been home for dinner. 

Into the oven at 180C for 1 hour. I'm always paranoid about undercooking pork. I turned the meat twice and basted it with more marinade. It was perfectly cooked but all the sugar caramelised and burnt fairly quickly. I didn't even use the grill function. I think I will cover it with foil next time for the first 45 minutes. Anyway, it was very tasty even if I have to say so myself. Ahem. Hunky was a happy camper. I made some mash and a grapefruit salad to accompany the pork. The mash was too heavy for the pork actually, for the first time ever Hunky and I hardly touched our mash. For me, I would've preferred it with a little bit of gravy but hey, it was a great meal to end the week. 


  1. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Ah that explains why your electricity bill is going up. Looks amazingly delicious. Looks like I know where I can get my babi ribs fill from now on. What for wanna go out and eat rite?

    Trying to imagine Hunky in a puddle of saliva.

    (I'm still thinking about the fantastic babi ribs I had in Hurricane's in Sydney....so delicious, literally falling off the bones, and the marinade, smoky and sooo tasty!)

  2. Hmmm... if i defrost some ribs, will u cook em 4me ;) lol.. looks damn good woman

  3. saliva coming up..time to plan for a BBQ!

  4. that's a bit too much for 2, ain't it? well, looks like i gotta offer myself to finish up that gorgeous piece of meat that just made my day a lot hungrier. haha!

  5. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Is this the show with the black bald guy? Sexaaayyyy... The guy, not the grill!

    Was toying with the idea of grilling ribs with an apricot-bourbon marinade. Just to use up the extra apricot jam no one wants to eat!!

    Some ppl actually boil the ribs first to tenderise them, then slather on the marinade and bbq. But it would be tastier to marinade them for a while, ya? I think I'll go with the cover-with-foil-first-then-grill technique.

  6. Ahhhh all you people ah, I speak the pork and you all pork for joy! hahaha...

    LL- I would've liked mine to fall off the bone but as you can see I think it would just turn into charred bits of bone heh heh. Come come, lets turn up the electricity bill! :-)

    Thank chew thank chew Ciki! Caaaan! Flattery will get you everywhere!

    Joe - you or me? Yea lets have a bbq!! I'll marinade but you cook, I ain't going near all that heat and smoke.

    I'll remember to cook ribs on weekends just for you k Nic? I think Hunky could've finished the rack by himself! That means I have to buy a rack each for you two!

    GFAD - Hahahah! Yes he is kinda sexy isn't he? And the best part is, he can cook! Mmmmm. that apricot bourbon marinade of yours sounds insane! Yum yum! No need to boil leh. Having said that my mum does blanch pork several times to remove impurities. She would be so appalled that I merely rinsed it. Aiyak! I haven't sent you the recipe! Aiyo i am so forgetful! Okay going to do it now!

  7. pssttt who can resist pork, you tell me??? esp so nicely cooked like yours :p

  8. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Ooh, count me in! I will definitely pork for joy too! ;)

    Le Hunk is a very lucky man, is he not? His beloved is sweet, beautiful, smart, funny AND knows how to cook some more. Brava, m'lady!

  9. Waaah coming from the master in the kitchen, that is such a compliment Babe! Thank you thank you!

    Kenny, flattery will get you everywhere! Yes, you are in for the next pork fest! :-)

  10. looks a bit dry but the soft ribs was a good choice cut

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