Good Food Hails From Ipoh

Lamb & Dough enjoying lunch at Tien Chun

Curry mee (with roast pork), hakka mee, ngah choy kai, chee cheong fun, sah hor fun, pork satay, hiong pang, sah kok foo pei and tofu fah are possible names of my unborn children. Imagine how deliciously happy you would be when you are cuddling Hiong Pang and giving Chee Cheong Fun a kiss. Awwww, makes me want to pop one out. But for now, they remain as Ipoh's heavenly gifts to mankind. I don't go to Ipoh very often so when I do, I try to fit in a much food as my stomach can fit. We arrived just in time for lunch but first we had to have a bowl of birthday noodles at Grandma's. Then Aunt B arrived with Siamese laksa which we also had. It was delicious. If I remember correctly, it was homemade. Then we went off to Tien Chun as usual. I know most people don't think its all that great but for us its full of memories and we go there mainly for old times sake. Mind you, after only eating Old Town hor fun, the one at Tien Chun reminded me that there is nothing like the real thing. And it wasn't even that great on that day but it was already miles better than the stuff you find in KL. Its the water I tell ya. Its all that chalk. Anyway, we also indulged in pork satay. Oh, this is one place where you can find chee charp satay (pork innards). The satay is not great. Shocking I know. Skewered pork grilled over charcoal fire, not great? Yes, it just tends to be on the dry side. The popiah was very good that day. 

Before we left on the following day, we headed over to another restaurant favoured by the family, Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant (Mun Choong in Cantonese). We had freshwater prawns stir fried with soy sauce and spring onions. It was D-licious  as always. All that lovely oily gravy is fantastic when mixed into fried rice, which we also had. The best dish of the day, steamed Soon Hock. I had just about written this fish off after two bad overpriced experiences in KL. One at Noble House and the other at Lai Po Heen (Mandarin Oriental). It was overcooked and rough. Why was I paying Soon Hock prices for barra-freaking-cuda tasting pile of crap?! Thank you Pusing Public for restoring my faith! This soon hock was cooked to perfection. The texture was smooth, firm and utterly delectable. Theres nothing better than steamed fish (when cooked right!) and white rice with soy sauce. Mmmm... We had the token vegetable of course. Stir fried lotus, lily bud, gingko and macadamia. Sweet, crunchy and appetising. We ended the meal with red bean soup which I heard was good. It wasn't until we were near the highway when I realise I had forgotten all about wun tao long and rojak! Sigh, somebody ta pow for me! 

Best soon hock I've eaten in a while!

Pusing Public at Jalan Verasamy, Ipoh. Tel: 05 2419348


  1. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Yea, Ipoh food ROCKS!!

    And Public ROCKS!! I wanna have my wedding dinner again, this time there! :D

    Wun tao long is that green leaf drink? Pegaga I think. Such a retro drink! Reminds me of Pusing and Tg Tualang.

    Dough and lamb are cousins? She looks so much like you lah!

  2. I was in Ipoh yesterday for a day trip and all i had was curry rice at the Police HQ. Sniff!

  3. nice nice..missing ipoh..this CNY we didnt go back to the cravings r starting!

  4. Oooh ooh, can I come to your wedding at Pusing?! And you can get your cake from Mrs Chong! :-)

    Awww Pea, tsk tsk. You could've at least ta powed some salt baked chicken for the ride back... Nevermind, we'll all go up for a eating trip k?

    I knew all this floggers are from Ipoh. Who would enjoy eating more than Ipoh peeps?! Supper is when the best chee cheong fun and ngah choy kai stalls open right?! Ahhh Ipoh...


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