Monday, February 28, 2011

Levain Boulangerie Pattisserie

When my mum first told me about this bakery I thought she was trying to tell me that it was Lavender. I couldn't help it because she kept saying "La something. La wane...La wen..." She had brought back an assortment of buns and she was telling us how busy and packed to the brim the bakery was. After tasting their little pizzas, I decided to go check it out. What a dumb idea to go after lunch because the place was just heaving with office people. I can't believe its an actual stand alone bungalow right next to Fukuya on Jalan Delima. The moment I stepped inside my first thought was "Ipoh"! Firstly the twee decor but more importantly, the hordes of Chinese people! Never have I seen such a big gathering of Chinese people in 1) a bakery and 2) a porkless bakery!

This place is huge! There is the bakery to the left when you walk in and the rest of it is dining area that extends upstairs. I was disappointed that they didn't have much left on offer at the bakery. Or rather nothing that interest me. I saw people crowding around the chocolate log bread. A striped log of soft white bread with streaks of chocolate. It just tastes like you've been too stingy with the chocolate spread. They have a maple flavoured one too which I'm sure is probably more exciting. I like the mini pizzas which are crisp and not doughy like at most bakeries. And the mushroom cheese bun is yummy as is the cream cheese danish. We sat down to have a coffee and I must say, the coffee is better than a lot of restaurants I have been to in KL. I also sampled their macarons which must be the cheapest in town. (They are RM3.60 a piece if you buy 1-3 and he price drops to RM3.00 each when you buy more than 10). There is a reason why they are cheap too. They weren't bad per se. The texture is nice and its a little on the sweet side but they don't use real fruit to flavour their macarons. I particularly enjoyed the junky taste of the orange macaron with its orange essence because I love my orange creams! The colours are rather vivid in various neon shades.

I don't mean to sound like I'm slagging the place off because I do like some of their stuff but honestly I don't get what the big deal is. The bread here is just like every other bakery in KL. Yes, they have some more exciting flavours on offer such as the mentaiko baguette but at the end of the day, its still soft fluffy sweet white bread.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

F by Buffalo Kitchen

Yes, the name of the restaurant is F. Like most people, Hunky and I read it as just Buffalo Kitchen. I was anticipating the opening of this restaurant as the black hoarding looked like it was going to deliver something sexy and unique. Boy was I wrong. With the arrival of Bean, dining out is rare opportunity which Hunky and I cherish. So one Sat afternoon, with Bean safely snoozing at my mother-in-law's, we headed to Bangsar for lunch. Hunky wanted to try Plan B but unfortunately they were full and I refused to queue. Queue for Plan B? You must be joking. So we headed to F instead. The upside on being on the first floor is the natural light flowing in from the windows. I guess the drawback would be the lack of traffic. An open kitchen greets you when first walk in. The cake display looked promising while the smell of coffee was intoxicating and that was a plus for me. We weren't sure what to expect judging from the appearance from the restaurant. The menu was a mishmash of japanese infused "western" food. I must say, absolutely nothing appealed to me while reading the menu. And the one thing that I was veering towards was unavailable. So I settled for a seared tuna salad and tenderloin steak while Hunky ordered soft shell crab and risotto. We settled into our surroundings and according to the information that was printed on the place mat, F prides themselves on serving simple, healthy and quality food.

We were given some bread and fifteen minutes later my salad arrived. Fresh mixed leaves with slices of seared tuna in a miso dressing. It was pretty good as the tuna was nicely done and the miso was a nice balance of sweet and salty. However, I was done eating my salad before Hunky's starter arrived. His soft shell crab done "two ways" consisted of two pergedil-looking cakes and a small piece of deep fried soft shell crab. Again, they were pleasant enough. Like I said earlier, it really was like pergedil as it was more potato and spices than anything. My sesame steak was a total miss. It came with some lotus root and fennel salad. The taste just didn't gel together for me. The sauce was really bland and the fennel salad was way too tart for the steak. Hunky's salmon was straight foward without any hint of japanesy influence. It was a nice and creamy risotto with a firm bite to the rice. Overall it was an average dining experience but we won't be returning anytime soon. Not because it was bad but because we just don't like the fusion, non-descript menu.

F by Buffalo Kitchen is located above Chawan in Bangsar.
69-1 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL. Tel 03 22011710